Veridian Realty provides our clients with the most professional relocation services. We assist companies by placing expatriate families in appropriate residences, ensuring that the corporate interest of the company is secured. We conduct this engagement with a team of highly experienced consultants who combine their knowledge, expertise, and service to all our clients.

Quality assurance is paramount to Veridian Realty, our team has successfully secured housing, and relocation services to many executive clients. We offer various relocation packages that include:

Expatriate Pre-Arrival Services

  • Preliminary briefing, exploratory visit, country orientation, and intercultural training;
  • School visits and enrollment application;
  • Identification of housing.

Expatriate Settle-in Services

  • Co-ordinating the tenancy check-in;
  • Arranging grocery starter package;
  • Assist with the importation of cars, pets, or any special items;
  • Scheduling appointments: schools, banks, and extracurricular interests;
  • Consular registration;
  • Assisting with Driver’s Permit obtainment.

Repatriation Services

  • Preparing the property for hand back, co-ordinating the termination of the tenancy and check-out;
  • Terminating utilities, memberships, and banking services;
  • Assisting with out-going personal shipments.

We customise the service to the customer’s needs, other services available upon request.